Saturday, August 29, 2009

Juvenile Diabetes...Walk for the Cure

Today was an awesome day! I have never done anything like this before and it was great to see so many who support finding a cure for juvenile diabetes! There were more than 4,000 people there! It wasn't a long walk...5k...but it felt great to do something so meaningful! Some of you know that I lost a cousin to this disease back in 2003. He was 14. We did this walk in memory of him....Aaron LeBlanc. We don't want to lose anyone else.
Mom laughing...I almost ran into a garbage can to get this picture!

Aaron eyeing the hot dogs! :)

My brother-in-law, Nathan and his 2 sons Nick and Joshua. His wife Melissa suffers from JD and wasn't feeling good today. It was neat to see them there, this is the second time I met them, and they are an awesome family!

Yes Jake, BIG BUDDA is real!

I have never met anyone famous before! And Big Budda is very Utah! He is on our local FOX channel news. He does the fun stuff...and he is great at it! Super nice guy in real life too!

I look forward to doing this again...maybe next year I will get donations! :)


Jami Berry said...

That is so cool that you did that! I've always wanted to do a walk for a cause.


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