Saturday, May 30, 2009


I have been very busy staying home. I have been reorganizing the doing so, I had a lot of plain vases and no room to store them. I went and bought some vines and sunflowers and decorated the kitchen with the's how it turned out!
Also, I had these end tables mom bought me a LONG time ago. They were just plain white. I sponged painted them green in high school for my bedroom. They are no longer needed in the bedroom, so I re-painted them to match the living room. They turned out great! I love them, and LOVE painting!


I found these cute star lamps for $5 each and had to get them for the tables...they came the day I finished the tables! Perfect timing! (If you can't tell, I have an Americana living room!)

"Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without"
-Elder Hales


criste said...

those end tables look amazing. you did a fabulous job painting them! I also love the sunflower vases. they turned out cute and really add to the layout of your kitchen.

Patsy said...

The tables are awesome. You definitely get your painting talents from your Dad!

Jami Berry said...

Those tables are way cute! You are so talented!

DianaCotner said...

Those tables are so cute! Great job!

Jake said...

Love the tables! Funny, Cause I remember you sponging them green too! And I like your quote from Elder Hales too.

Duffin Fam said...

Those are way cute!

criste said...

hey charlene. this postdoesn't have mcuh to do with this particular post of yours, but i wanted to let you know that it has been so nice to have you as a blog buddy. your blog always makes me smile and brings happiness into my life. thanks so much for the comment about your fear of dogs. you have really come a long way and that gives me hope. you are a very uplifting person and i look forward to reading future blogs you write. thanks for letting me read them.


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