Friday, August 30, 2013

9 Months Old!

This little monkey is 9 months old already!!! Life is going way too fast! She is so expressive, that it's hard to just take a few photos, so I again apologize for the picture overload :)

Vanessa has sure turned a corner! She sleeps in her own room and in a crib! No more sleeping in the baby car seat!!!! She still gets up once and a while for a bottle at 4 AM, but it's no longer every night!!! She is a morning person, which Mama doesn't love, but she's so happy in the morning and Sam sleeps in, so it's fun 1 on 1 time! :)

She really is a Joy, and is happy most of the time. (Unless she's tired, hungry or Sam has thrown something at her) She loves to 'talk' and make noises. She adores Sam and is dying to run around with him! (Although, no crawling yet, but any day now I'm sure!) He shares all of his food with her, and we've discovered she loves salt and vinegar chips!

She has 4 teeth, the two front bottom and two front top...the two side top are about to pop though any day! She loves to munch on anything we give her. She loves graham crackers, Gerber puffs, green beans and potatoes!

She's a very curious baby, and loves to see whats going on. She does this funny thing, she likes to tilt her head down and to the side when she is looking at you. It started because she was trying to look around Sam at something and we started laughing, now she does it all the time!

If you can't tell from the photos, Vanessa is very 'fluffy!' Here are her amazing stats!

Head: 17.3 (20%)
Height: 28.25 (75%)
Weight: 22.6! (95%)

Vanessa hasn't always been easy for us, but we sure love this little monkey! She is so much fun and fills our hearts with so much love! She's only been here for 9 short months, but we can't imagine life without her!



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