Friday, June 28, 2013

Vanessa...7 months old!

It seems like all I blog about is my growing kids...but they don't stop growing!!! 

Our beautiful girl is 7 months old now! She is becoming so much fun! Her personality is really blossoming and she loves to play with Mom and Dad, and talk with anyone who will listen. (Sound like anyone you know!) ;) She rolls very well, but still only from her back to her tummy. She is almost sitting by herself. (Being so round makes sitting hard) She wants to play with Sam so bad that some times she gets so angry at herself for not being able to run with him! She spends most of her day just staring at him. When they first see each other in the morning, they both just grin and start 'talking'! It melts my heart every time!

She is very happy...most of the time, but don't let that smile fool you. She has a temper and it comes out of nowhere most of the time!

Lots and lots of chins!!! :))

The picture above is a new face she's been doing for the last couple of days! (I love when babies play with their facial expressions!)

She's super flexible and she loves to hold her feet! :)

She has one bottom tooth and the other is about to pop she chews on everything right now!

Vanessa is such a joy in our home. We love listening to her coos, raspberries and chatter. She is very vocal. She is becoming very cuddly too, which I of course LOVE! She adores her Mom and Dad and her big brother! 



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