Sunday, September 23, 2012

8 Year Anniversary Pictures and Sam's 9 Month

I can never pick just a few I'm sorry about yet another picture overload! 

On Saturday, Sam turned 9 months, so we thought we'd take our family/anniversary pictures that day too. Ever since we've been married, Aaron and I get a picture around our Anniversary, and since babies change the most in the first year, I like getting professional photos every 3 months. Our anniversary/family photos are so much more fun now that we have a child!!! (Sam's doctor's appointment is Tuesday, so stats will be posted than!)

There is no doubt that Aaron is Sam's Dad!! Sam is a mini Aaron!!! :)

I love my little boy so incredibly much!!! (And yes, my son's head is bigger than mine!)

This is part of Sam's kissy face!

Normally, Sam loves when Aaron plays with him, but for some reason he was super nervous 'playing' in the studio. I love how the photographer was able to capture these faces though!

It's been a long time since Aaron and I have been this happy!!! Since having Sam, our love has grown so much!!!


Jami Berry said...

So, so cute! Love all the pictures!


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