Wednesday, June 20, 2012

So Proud

Time to brag about Aaron...again :) Every year Frito Lay has a dinner and award banquet. They honor the team player and top salesman of the year in each district. This year Aaron took home the RSR of the year. (Which means last year he had the best numbers and sales in his district!) No one I know works harder than this man! Most days he works 12 to 15 hours, or more if there is a holiday. Then he comes home and takes care of the 4 dogs and does different things around our house, or goes over and helps my Dad with projects. Lately, he also has to make dinner, since this pregnant lady can't stand raw meat. He doesn't have time for doctors, and can't take sick days.

Unfortunately, this award doesn't come with a cash prize, but as long as he meets his numbers he does get a very nice bonus, which he did every quarter last year!

We are so proud of Aaron and everything he does! We love him so much and could ask for a better husband or daddy! 



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