Thursday, January 19, 2012

1 Month Already!!!!

I can't believe that 1 month ago I was sitting in the hospital, waiting to meet me little boy! It has been a great month with ups and downs. (He's been all the ups!!!) I can't complain at all with the little guy! 

-He sleeps though the night...well at least 5 hours! (And now in his cradle, which I have a hard time with.) 
-He is so cuddly!!!!
-His back is ticklish!
-He sleeps though noises!
-He only cries when he's hungry! 
-He's started smiling at me!

So serious

The only frustrating thing is throwing up, but only if I nurse. So its bottle feeding only now, which really bothers me. He is very healthy though and is about 10lbs now!!!

We love this little guy so much!!!! He has brought so much joy into our lives!!!!


Laurra said...

He looks just like Aaron! I hope things are going well all around :)

Elisha said...

I'm glad you posted these pictures. Besides these I've only seen his hands once, and that was the day after he was born :)


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