Thursday, August 04, 2011

It's A Boy!

Introducing Samuel Aaron Sperry! 
On Monday, I had a doctor appointment. We were sure hoping we would be able to tell what we were having. The doctor put on the ultrasound, and the baby was upside down. So we started with the heartbeat. (My favorite sound in the whole world!!!) Then we found the baby's bottom. Legs spread wide open, but with a hand holding on for dear life to the crotch. I couldn't help but laugh! Aaron said, "It's a boy! That's MY son!" So the doctor started shaking my belly to try and make the hand move. When the doctor stopped, the baby kicked me twice and then gave up and moved his hand. And it was no longer a's a boy! 

Today, I had the big ultrasound where they measure everything and make sure the dates are right and all that fun stuff. It was so exciting!!! They gave me a ton of pictures and even a DVD!!! :) Here are some of my favorites!

I love seeing my little boy!!! We are so excited. Aaron knew it was a boy and really wanted a boy. He is just beaming!!! :) I would have been happy either way, it has taken us so long, as long as it was healthy, but secretly I really wanted a boy. 


Patsy said...

Great pictures already. Can't wait to hold him.

Jami Berry said...

So exciting! Congratulations again!


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