Monday, January 17, 2011

Wendover Weekend

Since I will have to work weekends for awhile, we decided to take a short trip to Wendover just to "get-a-way" without having to go too far. Not too much to do there. But we had a king-size jacuzzi suite! The jacuzzi tub was huge!!!! For the most part we didn't even need to leave to casino/hotel.

I only got two pictures of the trip and they were of the drive there. Aaron wanted me to take a picture of the man made tree. (It is the only tree around for miles!!!!)

Our friends, the Cotner's, watched our little dogs for us. I think they had a lot of fun playing with their 2 dogs and their little boy Colton. Colton was so sad when Bella left he even climbed in the kennel with her! :)


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DianaCotner said...

That is a cute picture of Colton! We were glad to help out for the weekend!


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