Thursday, April 30, 2009

Much Needed Haircut!

Not for me, but for my boy Jon. We waited until it was warmer to stay! He hasn't had a haircut since October! He really needed it!


Jon has had a hard week. We took him to get his haircut on a Friday, but found out his rabies shots had expired, so we set up an appointment for his shots that day. He had them all updated. So then we took him back on Monday for a haircut. Then on Tuesday, he had to go back in for an exam for health insurance. They ran some blood work and they think he has a tumor in his stomach. Plus, he has some razor burn on his paws and another male part. He hasn't been himself, and it breaks my heart. I never in a million years thought I would love any dog, and he has stolen my heart. He always makes me feel better and can always make me laugh. He is on steroids right now to see if that will help. Some of you reading this think I might be a little crazy, but I don't have dogs are my babies, and I am not going to lie...Jon is my favorite!
PS...The bunny's name in Ute!


criste said...

i hope all will be okay with your dog. he looks like a real sweetheart. i understand the thing about your dogs being like your children...i feel that way about my cats...i hope that all will work out and you'll be able to have many more wonderful years with your beautiful puppy!

Patsy said...

Poor Fat Face!


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