Saturday, September 06, 2008


No, I am not making my blog private...yet...I haven't had any problems so far except I feel like no one is reading. :(
Nothing special happened today. Just a relaxing, lazy, Saturday. Aaron and I slept in. (I haven't been able to do that since I started my new job.) Aaron went fishing with my Dad. They left around 2. So I decided to take a trip to Target to get some stuff to organize my scrapbook paper and supplies. When I left Target, I realized I hadn't had anything to eat, so I stopped at Quizno's. There were 3 people in line a head of me. From listening to their conversation, it was a husband and wife and the wife's sister. The sisters were ordering when another customer walked in. He was a little shorter then me, which is SHORT! He had dark curly hair and glasses and was wearing a dark blue jumper like a mechanic would wear. He stood in front of me. I sighed thinking I was going to have to get mean, and when I am mean...I am MEAN! I was thinking of things to say, when one of the ladies put her arm around me and put me in front of the short man. She told me I was next. Lucky for him, she was there....I was about to let him have it. When the ladies moved down, I stepped to the side, the short man was much too close. But when I took a step so did he. I ordered my usual, turkey, ranch and tomato, no onions. I picked up a bag of chips. I noticed the man pick up the same kind of chips. I started to get creeped out a little. I took another step. So did the short man. It was his turn to order. He ordered a turkey and cheddar, but substituted the cheddar for swiss. I noticed that he was trying to say as much as possible to what I had said. I was now getting more creeped out. The ladies where now sitting, but kept their eye on me. I also noticed the boys working were trying to distract the short man. I quickly paid and got my Pepsi. On my way out I thanked the ladies again. The creepy feeling did not go away. I ran to my car and took the long way home in case he wanted to follow me. Even though I never saw him leave, and never saw anyone behind me. I don't know if I have seen too many movies, or Law and Order's. Or maybe it was the spirit. I will say that I am grateful my mom taught me to be aware of my surrounding and follow the prompting I receive.


Duffin Fam said...

Don't worry Charlene, I am reading your blog. What a creepy thing. Some people are so weird. I hope you like your new job and things are going well!

Jake & Chanté said...

Yikes!!! That would creep me out too. I'm glad nothing happened. The spirit is definitely a very nice thing to have watching over us. Hope all is well! ~Chanté

Jake & Chanté said...

I would have gotten mean too. But If that had happened it would have been someone I knew trying to tease me. if not, running always works! : }

The Carlson's said...

very scary, glad you were listening to your feelings. Always a great thing to have with you, The Spirit is. Glad you are safe, and others were looking out for you!


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