Saturday, June 28, 2008

Counter, Roommates, and Life!

I added a counter to see how many people look at my blog, but realized very quickly that it won't be totally accurate because every time I look at my blog it counts me too! But when I last looked at the counter it said 12, and I know that I haven't looked 12 times!

Aaron and I are pretty excited! We are getting new "roommates" today. Our best friends Megan and Tyler Smith are moving in our basement! We love to hang out with them and play rockband, or play board games, or watch "Freaks and Geeks" and "Soap"! We are glad to have them live in the same house so we don't have to drive to visit, which is only bad because gas is $4 a gallon! Which I am sure I don't need to explain!

Everything else is going great! We love our new place. We have so much room and the dogs love having a yard to play in with no leash! Sorry, I still don't have pictures of the new place, and even though I can now scan pictures, our computer broke. It doesn't turn on any more. So, I can write posts at work, but I can't post pictures. :(



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