Thursday, February 01, 2007

New Year!

Aaron and I are doing great! Because the market is so good we sold our house in January. Aaron got a second job at Lowes and with in a few weeks they were begging him to be full time and gave him a promotion. Lowes loves him and Aaron is enjoying what he is doing. With in a year he want's to be out of Tommies!!! (Music to my ears!)

I am still working at Marriott Vacation Club. Are busy season is coming to an end, so I will like my job a lot more in a few weeks. I have decided that I want to cook. I love baking, but cooking is a little harder for me. Aaron is really good at cooking and has helped me a lot. We have a lot of fun cooking together.

Our dogs are doing great! Bella and Jonathan are with us in the apartment. Bella now stays out of her kennel while we are gone and she loves it! Jonathan is mamma's boy and is full of energy! Meg is at my parents with thier dog, Sammy.

(As soon as I figure out how to get pictures on here I will post some.)


Dave Crest said...

Yeah for new posts! I really like reading your blog. It makes it so easy to keep up on our friend's lives. I wish the best for you guys. We should go to IHOP again soon.


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