Tuesday, July 03, 2012

6 Month Photo Shoot

Yesterday I took Sam to FotoFly to get real 6 month pictures. They turned out so good! We got lots of Sam's different facial expressions. (He has a lot!) And of course the drool...we can't forget the drool! I was only going to post a few, but I couldn't pick just a few! This kid is just so stinking cute, so sorry for the picture overload. 

I really wanted some in overalls and dedicate them to my Grandpa Brown, who was a farmer. FotoFly has so many backgrounds and the red wall was perfect! They also had the bucket. I love the way they look!!! (He looks especially 'redneck' with all the drool!)

I bought this baseball outfit to wear when we go up to Canada. My Grampy loves baseball, so I thought he'd love it. But I'm getting worried that he won't fit in it by the time we get up there...he's growing so fast! I'm so glad I was able to get some pictures of him in it though.



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